16218614_sIt’s just a 5 point Star that represents Earth ~ Water ~ Air ~ Fire ~ Spirit

With the triangle pointing upwards it represents Life and Creativity

Pointing downward it symbolizes Satan

This symbolic device is still used in modern day Witchcraft

It conjures along with it Spells for Material Wealth ~ Practicality ~ Stability

A Charm worn as a shield to keep Witches safe from the evils that lurk about us each and everyday in some cases without our even knowingPentagramThose days when you feel like someone is watching you so you turn around only to find no one there

If you intend on making your own Pentagram it can be written on paper or formed of a more solid material such as Copper ~ Silver ~ Wax ~ Earthenware ~ Baked Clay ~ Wood

To make your own Pentagram it must be done on a Wednesday during the 1st Quarter of the Moon at three o’clock in the morning in a light and airy place somewhere that you spend a great deal of time at a place you consider all yours that special place that holds your very secrets

If drawn by hand a Pentagram on paper written three colored inks be used Green ~ Brown ~ Gold inks all newly consecrated and virgin of any prior use of markings

Inscribe it with Symbols
Stars Moon Sun

Wear it Proudly
Keep it in Secret

Invoke and Banish Spirits
Spells and Magick

A means of Protection for Practicing Witches…Pentagram-1

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