#In the Shadows of Men


How many times did I feel the ravages of divorce and its painful flaming burns? How often have I thought that marriage under the shadow of one man is more merciful? And yet, inhaling the air of freedom is different. Feeling that I’d been freed from the prison I used to share with him was, by itself, an achievement. I was breathing again.

All I wanted was to take a fresh breath. I needed that sigh of relief.

The divorce made me see houses through its windows. Peering into homes from the outside revealed something different about the people inside—how we live inside our homes in double standards and lies.

What I have seen of the man’s world makes me feel as though the tragedy of my marriage was nothing but normal. I came to realize that betrayal may be a fundamental part of society. I will not place the blame entirely on the man. Relationships always require two, and behind every cheating married man is a woman partner. This was among the most terrible things, I realized—that the other woman was not necessarily unmarried, widowed, or divorced. The other woman was most likely a married woman..

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