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Police-holding-child Police Officer Protects Baby


I closed them gently those eyes of blue
and wept inside, for her years so few.
The call came thru as domestic dispute
the father came thru as one of ill repute
Such a little child , so fair of face
an innocent victim of an unfair fate.

imaes Police Officer With A child

As her father was cuffed and put away
I grimly drew a line where she lay.
Where were her angels ? Where was the law ?
A life was stolen without just cause.
I questioned my job , my purpose in life, that night I wept over sleeping babies and wife.
And under a sky
as blue as her eyes
I swore to my God to stand by her side.
A Mother was weeping over an angel gone to sleep
While her father walked once more the streets.
I stalked him…

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