Hurry to repent before the pangs of death overcome you….Ölüm gelmeden tövbe etmekte acele edin.

Hope you are well my sister and Ramadan has gone well as always a great post lots of love … Ian ❤️🌹X


semras 12

We can never know when we will die, what will happen to us. Therefore, always take leave of the people you love in a way you will be remembered nice. You may not have the opportunity to make up for something.


Ne zaman öleceğimizi, başımıza ne geleceğini hiç bir zaman bilemeyiz. Bu yüzden sevdiğiniz insanlarla ayrılırken hep güzel hatırlanacağınız şekilde vedalaşın. Bazı şeylerin telafisini etmek için fırsatınız olmayabilir bir daha.

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Samina's Forum for police support

Police-holding-child Police Officer Protects Baby


I closed them gently those eyes of blue
and wept inside, for her years so few.
The call came thru as domestic dispute
the father came thru as one of ill repute
Such a little child , so fair of face
an innocent victim of an unfair fate.

imaes Police Officer With A child

As her father was cuffed and put away
I grimly drew a line where she lay.
Where were her angels ? Where was the law ?
A life was stolen without just cause.
I questioned my job , my purpose in life, that night I wept over sleeping babies and wife.
And under a sky
as blue as her eyes
I swore to my God to stand by her side.
A Mother was weeping over an angel gone to sleep
While her father walked once more the streets.
I stalked him…

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Storia illustrata

Really nice Doru .. Ian 👍


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Storia illustrata

Feeling all boxed in Doru .. Ian 👍


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Really different Jinx X 💕

Joyous Mayhem by L. Martel

Must have missed this one Leslie so beautiful the birds are fabulous my ex girlfriend and l worked in tapestry and cross stitch shoppe .. Learned a lot such beauty in stitch craft … Ian 👍


Cindy did a post on tapestries and I mentioned I had done some work of this nature. She requested that I post it. Tapestry is an ancient art form. If you spend some time at the Cluny Museum in Paris you will see some spectacular tapistries. The tapistry is composed of a web backing in which the design is drawn and individual stitches using coloured wool are used to imbed the picture. It is a laborious undertaking but creates a delightful picture. This is a 20″ x 45″ tapestry that I did many years ago. I purchased the unfinished piece in France. The design is not of my origin but it is of my liking. The centre oval depicts three cupids playing musical instruments and dancing around in a chaotic fashion. They are overseen by two large eagles on each side.


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