La dame a l’orgue by M.S. & L. Martel

Really beautiful Leslie … Ian 👌


This is the second of a series of tapestries presented by request of the lovely Cindy Knoke of This is 32″ x 44″ and is called La dame a l’orgue. It is unfinished and I bought it in France for my mother hoping that it would extend her life. It is a life time project. She did a small portion on the right hand side. I have added only a small part to it. The completed part is better defined compared to the unfinished part. Organs figure largely in our family as does music.


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Quote Of The Day – Rebellion

Great quote … Ian


“I hold it that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing…”
– Thomas Jefferson, Referring To “Shay’s Rebellion” In A Letter To James Madison, Dated January 30, 1787


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woman in water

Another masterpiece Hollie such fluidity of words and truly makes House of ❤️ a home within the readers ❤️ … Ian X 🌹🌟

Storia illustrata

Really nice my friend … Ian 👍


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