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“A note of music gains significance from the silence on either side.”

~~ Anne Morrow Lindberg ~~

leelu alert

Always Alert….

Hajime…. Today is the 240th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in this country. I have personally witnessed this 65 times in my life, though never with the degree of reluctance I feel today. I am reluctant to celebrate, or show pride in a country which is currently engaged in numerous unjust conflicts around the world, all of which have nothing to do with any sort of justice, or anything other than corporate greed. Anyone who thinks our nation is justified for the misery and death we have caused by our interventions is welcome to tell me why; I doubt seriously I’ll have any trouble pointing out the discrepancies in any possible evidence presented….

To be honest, I am sick to death of politics, and corporate avarice…

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Happy July 4th!

The same to you Brenda and such a fabulous and awe inspiring post for children of all ages even me … Enjoy your day Ian 🌹

Friendly Fairy Tales

Happy Red, White and Blue from the flowers!
Happy Poetry Friday!
Here is a poem of joy for you:

My Heart Leaps Up

My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!
Read the rest here.

 — William Wordsworth

May you experience the joy and magic of being with family.

Thanks to Tabatha Yeatts for hosting his week!
Stop by and read more poetry if you have time.

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Assassination Of The Mind ! / Poverty.

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In third world countries , education is absent usually.

This is the reason for their suffering economy and poverty.

Hunger for food and shelter deepens their devastating illiteracy.

Schools are for the elites  and exclusively for the wealthy.

Poor little boys and girls must work to help their family.

Books are sold on the corners  of  unpaved streets.

Covered with dust and  unpleasant smell filled.

Books are pilled next to  modern shoes stores.

Shoes are sold in an air conditioned  shops  ,

Displayed on clean shelves next to elegant outfits.

The owners dust  every pair  every day carefully.

Nobody afford to buy a book ,nobody care in reality.

( In memory of those books which wait to be bought.)

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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El renacer de una literatura olvidada (The rebirth of the forgotten literature)

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Me voy de vacaciones, pero antes de irme me gustaría compartir con vosotros un email que me ha enviado un conocido. El mail versa sobre una crítica, reseña, comentario, o como queráis llamarlo, sobre mi novela Agua seca y sal. Lo ha titulado: El renacer de la literatura olvidada, y ya sólo el título me honra muchísimo.

Deciros que he estado intentando traducirlo, aunque debo pedir perdón a todos los que de verdad saben inglés. Yo sólo sé lo justo como para no pasar hambre. No obstante, con mi atrevimiento habitual, adjunto también la traducción.

Espero que os resulte interesante.

Un abrazo a todos.


Agua seca y sal

La tradición novelística española, aunque pase de moda o se vea relegada a un plano secundario a causa de los caminos marcados por la modernidad, resiste siempre en el subconsciente del verdadero amante de la Literatura…

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HAPPY 4th of JULY 󾓦

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The Night When Romance Died

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The Lonely Author


The Night When Romance Died

Don’t blame it on the flowers
For they never ceased to bloom
The stars still fill the late night
heavens as they often should

Poets write of love even though
it appears to be going out of style
Women no longer swept off their
feet cause chivalry signed a DNR

I long for the sweet days of yore
before passion slowly passed away
Do you remember where you were
on the night when romance died?

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Storia illustrata

Storia illustrata

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A nice June last holiday ♬


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Afrodita, bendito viernes, testeos ingrávidos


ArtemisaTradicionalmente asociado con la castidad, el término virgen alude a la cualidad de la persona que no ha tenido relaciones de carácter sexual. Las religiones monoteístas patriarcales han atribuído a las mujeres esta condición como sinónimo de incorruptibilidad hasta el momento de contraer matrimonio, en el que las sábanas manchadas de sangre darían cuenta de haber preservado hasta la noche de bodas la pureza de su cuerpo.

Pero el vocablo en épocas precristianas presentaba una connotación antagónica en cuanto a su significado, porque se refería a la voluntad de permanecer fiel a la propia naturaleza, a la vocación incorrupta de respetar sin hesitación la verdad íntima y proceder en consecuencia. El arquetipo de la virgen entonces, lejos de reducirse a una mujer sumisa que se preserva para su marido en el aspecto sexual, se ha de centrar en la integralidad propia, en la realización de los valores y deseos que…

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