The NO-God World

And what does it mean to our response to the world?

Ravi Zacharias and Alistar Begg are my favorite podcasters. Ravi was born and brought up in India, and Alistar is from Scotland. If I stay on this that, I will soon no longer know Christ without an accent.

Ravi has a series which deals with a problem I have been struggling over, though I don’t think he designed his lecture that way. Ravi is trying hard to deal with the 20th and 21st century perspective which has rejected God. My trouble is similar. I’d like to know how the concept of country has been smashed in our times.

Ravi_Zacharias_RZIM_International_Ministries_apologetics_bio.jpgRavi Zacharias

If you take the time to listen to his podcasts, put the position of Christ’s church first. How can we speak to a world of non-believers who are in fact convinced of the universe without God.

At some point consider also the lost state of patriotism and nations. We seem to have lost a lot of that as well. Millennials are equally convinced that America is a quaint fiction, built on the words of old, dead slave owners and the backs of the oppressed.

At some point in the lecture he quotes Swami Vivekananda speak about the Christian connection to colonialism. Ravi destroys the argument with one sentence. (Part 2 of 4…about 4 minutes in.) It was a pleasure to hear.

Yours in Christ, Dave Alexander