YELLOWRoses_Closeup_Yellow_Flowers____d_800x600the sweet simplicity of not having a care in the world like the uninhabited breeze ~ brings joy and gladness ~ shows you it is time to put it all behind us and start a fresh new page ~ a good luck charm ~ let’s you show your loyal friendship ~ it can also bring out the jealous nature we sometimes hide inside

PINK pink_roses_with_water_drops-wallpaper-800x600as faint as the blush of a fair maiden’s cheek with such pleasure to behold ~ refinement ~ respectability ~ grace ~ elegance ~ admiration and all the sweetness of life

LILAC Roses_Violet_Flowers_drops_bokeh_800x600step right into the wonderful world of enchantment as you spend your waking days in sheer splendor adoring all that is around you as it becomes love at first sight

ORANGE roses_2-wallpaper-800x600blazing so brillantly as the evening sky it brings best wishes ~ a tinge of a burning flame for someone as you become completely bewitched with desire ~ enthusiasm you can no longer hold back bringing great pride and honor to someone you most admire

BLUE Blue Love Rosea mystery that cannot be unraveled so tantalizing that it almost seems too difficult to be achieved with just any extraordinary flight of fancy such a whiff of secrecy circle’s the mysterious and unattainable you that one cannot hardly grasp!

GUNS N ROSES GUNS_N_ROSES_heavy_metal_hair_800x600a wild fantasy ~ she’s got a smile that it seems to me reminds me of childhood memories ~ talk to me softly there’s something in your eyes don’t hang your head in sorrow and please don’t cry

BLACK gothic_rose_flowers_mood_800x600let’s begin the jinxing of some tricks as we will either fix a crossed condition or bring it about for another to stumble upon ~ it will bring you into a journey of unexplored territory with some spells for sadness and farewell to a loved one or the death of a bad habit ~ it has also been known to bring a certain type of love to those who venture into the dark side

RED Roses_Red_Flowers_800x600I Love You with a throbbing heart of a new love as I crave you with my raging desire ~ it brings domestic bliss into a marriage in which that love has grown in strength ~ it expresses the great respect and admiration you have for another ~ it speaks of a job well done

WHITE Flowers_Rose_Water_Drops_White_800x600shimmering with virtue and sincerity ~ my affections come straight from the heart as pure as the driven snow unspoiled untarnished ~ a spiritual soul that is unaware of the temptations of the flesh ~ a wish upon a star ~ a touch of beauty

PURPLE purple_roses-wallpaper-800x600emotions of grandeur to someone that has become irrestible ~ it has the power to make someone fall in love with you ~ a charm that entices the recipient into a deep magnestism towards you ~ glory to those in the most high


Capture some of the Summer’s Rain Water that falls upon a warm afternoon

Choose a Rose that binds with your intention

Roses are best picked in the early morning while they are fresh from the start of the new day and gently touched with morning dew

Pick the Roses on the same morning you are going to prepare the Rose Water for you want the Roses fresh and full of their glorious scent

Strain the Rain Water of any debris

Pour the Rain Water into your Cauldron


Take some of the Rain Water into your kitchen and pour it into a pot

Bring it to a full boil for 3 minutes

Take it off the fire or turn the flame off then toss in the Roses/Petals

Cover and let steep all day and night

The next morning strain the Roses out

Pour into a glass bottle and lid it

It’s ready to use in your Spells ~ Kitchen Witchcraft Cooking Recipes ~ or to Condition your Hair🌹Rose Petals

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