Midnight in Manaus by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Manaus Where Two Rivers Meet in iTunes

Fabulous Leslie and live the music … Ian 😀


It was midnight when we arrived in Manaus. Normally we would have taken a train or bus into town from the airport, however it was late and we weren’t familiar with the place so we took a taxis. Trusting our Lonely Planet Book, we found accommodation at the Plaza Hotel, AV Getulio Vargas 215. In spite of the name, it was described as “unspectacular but comfortable ” (inexpensive) and that, it was. While waiting to register there were two other gentlemen before us. When they heard us speaking English they engaged us in conversation. The hotel was for business people and they were curious why we were there. As it turned out they were from the scientific community in Brazil and we had mutual acquaintances. It is a small world after all. This little song reminds me of that. 3:30 min. 2MB.

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