Outback Australia – Bird Politics By #FluidICThought

Alright, not as in the “Great Australian Outback”, but rather “Out my back door, in my house yard”.

The birds that I’ve seen in my yard seem to have some sort of system worked out and the different species appear to work together.

Noisy Minor Bird

The family of Noisy Minor birds appear to have territorial control in my back yard. The pair of breeding Butcher birds seem to be the army and at the Minor birds disposal when needed.

One day I noticed a baby Minor bird floundering around on the ground. Trying to be helpful, I picked it up and was going to place it up higher where the cat couldn’t get it when there was a heck of a noise as the family of Minor birds appeared from nowhere, squawking their heads off. The next minute I’m struck full force in the side of my head by a kamikaze butcher bird. It hit me so hard I nearly fell over and I was quite concerned for the bird. Surely it’s broken a rib or at least winded itself.

Butcher Bird 2Butcher Bird

I’m not sure what role Magpie plays but the Minor birds seem happy enough to have her around. She perches herself on the back fence, keeping look out.

Maggie 2Maggie

When I throw out scraps for them, they all eat together and I noticed today that one of the young Minor birds was following the Butcher bird around, wanting to be fed.

With Australian elections looming, this is the only kind of politics I’m interested in at the moment. I’m a swinging voter, giving my tick to the party I think aligns itself to my personal values and has similar ideals. Obviously, as a swinging voter, I’m yet to find a political party I’m happy enough to stick with.

We are well and truly into winter here in Australia, but the days in Queensland are still warm and my gardens are growing nicely. My photograph editing has been done in Photoshop Elements 12. I have used basic editing tools like exposure, tint, clarity, highlights, shadows and vibrancy to achieve the final picture.

Flower bud 1

Basil Coriander Flower bud 2 Flower bud 3 MD Leaf MD Parsley PawPaw Pumpkin Surprise Tomato

Flower bud 2a

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