Kangaroo Quartz by Consumer Perspective

Another nice one Leslie … Ian 😀


We are heading into late spring and early summer and for some people travel comes to mind. I prefer to stay at home when it’s nice. Here’s Consumer Perspective’s look on travel at the moment. Don’t forget to click the thumb’s up on Youtube if you like it. New subscribers are always. We always 1:13 min. 2MB

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sake and sea urchin

Hollie l am blown away by this poem so much depth and feeling l could feel the warmth of your words passing through me a real pleasure to read and share .. Brilliant darling .. Lots of love 🌟🌹❤️

It wasn’t rendezvous ;)

Thanks for your visit and all the likes l appreciate it a lot that people take time to visit and this is an amazing post and just perfect for my friends … Ian 🌟

Mithai Mumblezz

A really great storm was going on outside last night. And I had opened all the doors and windows. Its so beautiful to see trees turbulently swaying with the fierce winds against the deepest and darkest nights. Specially after the spell of maddening heat.

Ofcourse mom’s shouting in the background, ‘Close the doors. Who will clean the room?? All the clean bed sheets ruined. The floors filled with dust.
😛 😛

Btw I thought of clarifying something, sometimes back I had posted a pic with a lady holding the diamond pendant I had won in the lucky draw.
She’s not my mom lol.
She’s one of the directors of the jewellery brand 😉 :p

Anyways something kinda weird happened recently.
But to know why its weird lets rewind 2 years ago.

2 years back I was wishing our Biology teacher on her birthday on Facebook.
And I…

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Storia illustrata

Two for the price of one phone call .. Nice Doru .. Ian 😀


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