It wasn’t rendezvous ;)

A really great storm was going on outside last night. And I had opened all the doors and windows. Its so beautiful to see trees turbulently swaying with the fierce winds against the deepest and darkest nights. Specially after the spell of maddening heat.

Ofcourse mom’s shouting in the background, ‘Close the doors. Who will clean the room?? All the clean bed sheets ruined. The floors filled with dust.

Btw I thought of clarifying something, sometimes back I had posted a pic with a lady holding the diamond pendant I had won in the lucky draw.
She’s not my mom lol.
She’s one of the directors of the jewellery brand😉 :p

Anyways something kinda weird happened recently.
But to know why its weird lets rewind 2 years ago.

2 years back I was wishing our Biology teacher on her birthday on Facebook.
And I knew almost everyone who had posted on her wall. Except for one guy.
So I visited his profile.

Turns out he’s one of our school seniors almost ten years our senior.

But what an interesting day to visit his profile!!
Because he was getting married the next day!! It was so amazing….. you could get a festive feel just by looking at his profile. There were pics of decoration and gifts. So beautiful.

He was marrying an Ukrainian girl with bright orange hair. Sorry, I still can’t pronounce her name :p :p

So I again visited them next day. And yes, their profiles were having live updates of their marriage. :p :p

They were a very interesting couple!! They had also done a very pretty marriage photoshoot in front of all the famous monuments of our country. Such an adorable newly married couple. Then they also went to Mauritius for honeymoon and posted really nice pics.

And then after a while…..I kinda stopped visiting……you can only do something for so long.

And then an year later, I was at the mall buying pastries from a shop and they were also there selecting a cake.
Yeah it can be kinda weird seeing people you used to stalk, up close and personal lol :p :p

I told my mom,
‘Look look, that guy is our school senior. And that’s his wife. She’s Ukrainian. They got married last year.
Apparently he had some very bad heart breaks and had decided he’ll never get married. But his parents got worried and used to do everything to get him married. They also suggested finding a girl for him. Initially he had agreed. But then realized it’ll just be ruining two lives.
Then one day he along with his family went to London for his sister’s convocation. They were at the London tube.
And that’s when he saw her. A girl with fiery orange hair.
He looked. She looked.
She smiled. He smiled. And then they talked. She was in London for her sister’s b’day.
They again met in a cafe and talked till it almost closed. And then he came back to India. They used to talk on Skype. And 4 days later they again met in London.
And two months later they got married.’

Mom was just looking at me with too many questions.
‘How do YOU know all this??’

‘What can I do if people write their autobiography on Facebook!!’ :p😉
Next day I visited their profile. It was their anniversary!! What a day to again ‘re-stalk’ someone :p

So that was an year ago.
And now, sometimes back one evening mom said, ‘Devdas’s wife was cycling in front of our house today.’

Well Devdas is a humorous and light way of referring to some guy whose sad in love and crying over some girl.
Its actually a character from old literature about a guy whose love of life got married to some one else and he drank himself to death. Its like a very popular character!! Lots of movies have also been made on it.

dilip-kumar-devdas_112212054808.jpegThat’s Dilip Kumar. He’s probably the first superstar of India. The movie was released in 1955 one of the biggest hits and has stayed as a cult classic. I haven’t watched a lot of old films but this one I had and it was pretty good.

Anyways……so then few days later I also saw her walking in front of our house.
And then one day I was returning from the market and she was walking in front of me. Then she took a left turn and finally I got to see where they live.

Basically we are neighbors now!!
They have shifted few houses next to ours.
Its weird thing I’ve with them. Bumping into them and finally being neighbors lol :p :p

Their story definitely very sweet but it also got me really worried. That if someday I too see some stranger standing across the room and I really really like him but is too scared to go and talk what then?? How do you go up to unknown people and blurt out romantic stuffs.

But I believe what’s meant to happen will happen, you’ll always end up with the person you were supposed to.
Till then…….keep stalking!! :p :p haha

These days I’m pretty much under house arrest. Semesters, interviews, then my business……its a roller coaster!!

Not much entertainment really. This monotonous routine can take quite a toll sometimes. So I thought of checking out few stuffs just to bring a little entertainment to life.

I recently got this really chic spunky colored wireless bluetooth headset.
And a 3D VR box with bluetooth remote. Its such a simple technology but still AMAZING!!!!! I especially love watching 3D historic documentaries like that of Egypt or Jordan. And also horror videos😉 Imagine a scary hand reaching out :p Or going down on a roller coaster😉 Its really awesome!!

And this picture kinda sums up my life right now.


I bought the 2012 book and The Da Vinci Code on a crazy sale. I really don’t know how they could give such a discount. Around 2.5 dollars for both of them. And they aren’t even 2nd hand!!

But still haven’t read them. How will I?? I don’t get to do much things of my choice!! Sitting in front of my laptop day and night writing programmes….AGGHHHH!! Seriously how do people work from 9 t0 8 in IT field??

Can’t wait for college to get over!!

And then there are my vitamins and my protein biscuits…..

I just found out I’m having a bit of vitamin B deficiency. Even though I used to always take vitamins…..but last year I had gotten really sick, that’s when I had actually joined the blog…..and since then my immunity and nutrients have fluctuated. So now I take 3 kinds of vitamins and protein biscuits(tastes like shit!!).

Annnnd that’s my Chanel 5 at the corner sitting on top of my java book!! I finally bought it. Mom is loving it. That’s all that matters.
For me, first few days it smelled heavenly. I used to smell it every 5 mins. But then it started smelling like…..powder… powder to be precise. First I though it was only me but then I googled and apparently a lot of people feel that way.
Chanel 5 is really really nice but maybe a bit over rated………but its very strong and you can smell it from a long way.

Btw I read that Marilyn Monroe used to wear ‘Nothing but Chanel 5 to bed’😉 So does that mean THE Marilyn Monroe smelled like… powder?? :p :p

Sometimes back I saw this really funny thing. A girl from my college had posted a status about how she likes walking in the rain so that no one can see her tears. Its actually a Charlie Chaplin quote.

And then some guy commented on her post.


This is just epic. Too good :p :p

Yeah its a bit mean. You shouldn’t be insensitive when people are feeling sad. But then they are really great friends and always hang out together….so I guess she won’t take an offence :p :p

Well I just read a hilarious news!!
There are 3 guys who live in Agra. The place of ‘Taj Mahal’.
Their hobby is taking selfies in front of running train. :p
They have done it numerous times. The latest plan was to take a selfie before ‘Rajdhandi Express’. The fastest train in India.

But they realized its too risky due to the speed.
So they came up with a plan. They distributed tree branches on the rail line. Seeing that the driver of the train slowed down. And was shocked to see 3 boys jumping around and clicking selfies to their heart’s content :p :p
He immediately called police through wireless network. And the boys got arrested.
And then the police recovered many many such pics from their mobile in front of various trains :p :p
These boys are actually pretty cool. They’ll have very interesting tales to share later😉

So that’s it for now guys!!
I love you all so much!!
Keep smiling😀😀
Take care

Oh yeah, last time I had posted pics of our roses which had dried up due to extreme heat. Well we got new buds now. The trees have actually filled up with so many beautiful tiny pink roses.


Bye bye
Mithai ….

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