🌝Summon the Sun by #HocusPocus13

photoSUN and WARMTH

The warm Energy from the Masculine Sun will be Sweet to me just feeling its Golden Rays over take my Body

I stand outside in the direct SunShine as Light and its Energy boost my Spirit small portions at a time

That direct Masculine Energy flows through me giving me visions of unlimited opportunities that I will need to release my Magick back into this Earth

His Flames burn my Soul
His Heat Challenges my Heart
I worship Him as His Chariot crosses the Sky

He carries me away with Him ~ Lost in Him ~ His energy illuminates my Day

His Spear of Light hits me right on target

Breath deeply I inhale a Sun’s Breath

Exhale its SunLightSunlightI carry a small Charm with me holding it up to the Sun

I visualize the Charm soaking up the bright Sun holding it tightly between my fingers

It absorbs every drop of the Sun’s Strength building up the positive aspects of my Life

A Charm poured with Courage to carry with me every where I go

The Sun heals me for without it there would be no life ~ no joy ~ no warmth

I pick a few Daisies some Marigolds and 3 SunFlowers ~ Spell once ~ Spell twice ~ Spell thrice

Summon the Sun give to me the Power of your Fire to hold inside myself so I can use it for my Magick use it to hold my Love

I journey along this Earth and carefully see what is all around me as everyday I become stronger than the day beforeWalking AloneAs I scatter my SunShine all along the way…

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