LEMONS…and the moon🍋

close_up_lips_lemons_black_background_800x600Lemons are ripe when they are bright yellow and firm to the squeeze and smell absolutely marvelous

Lemons resonate with the Energy of the (Full) Moon and the Element of Water

They come alive when drenched in water

When “Writers Block” hits your Mind leaving you with blank thoughts empty pages and on your last drop of coffee or a bit of Melancholy attacks your emotions feeling drained or just simply stuck in a funk…think Lemons

Go to your local grocery store or farm market and bring home some Lemonsfruits_wet_water_drops_lemons_white_background_800x600-1Slice 1 of the fresh ripe Lemons in half through the Equator ~ around the middle ~ smell its pleasing scent ~ close your eyes ~ focus on that fresh scent ~ how the Lemon is great for the purification of the mind body and soul ~ let the Lemon help you to re-focus and center yourself

Inhale a strong breath of the Lemon and hold that Lemon Scent in for a few seconds…then exhale

Do this 3x

Just a bit of Magickal Aromatherapy

Feel yourself getting in touch with your intution and send out to the Universe your intentions

As the Lemon Scent begins to uplift your Spirit you will begin to find clarity of your Mind and some healing of your Soul

The fresh scent of the Lemon will help you to remove unwanted mental objects that cloud your path dim your vision and bring down your spiritLemon EmoThen take a sip ~ right from the Lemons half ~ taste the Lemon’s tart Juice ~ let your lips and tougue play around with that Juicy Lemon

Wet your mouth

Boost your excitement

Fall in love

You will feel the Psychic Powers of the Lemon take you away

Enjoy every delicious juicy tart moment of that refreshing piece of fruit

Become fascinated with it…🍋

Then get a Pitcher or a tall glass and go make some Lemonade with Spring Water and the fresh Lemons adding some fresh mint leaves and let it steep for at least an hour in the refrigeratormojito_cocktail_lemon_ice_beverage_800x600-1Serve it over ice with a garnish of sliced Lemon

Oh and PS: keep your Journal handy or a piece of paper and a pen…for soon your mind will be filled from the “Witchy Potion” you just concocted!

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