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Family tradition in India is that when a son marries, he and his bride go to live with his parents. The bride’s family gives a dowry to her husband’s family for her care. Thus is the pain when a girl baby is born. . . . thought of the future dowry. Dowries are now outlawed in India , but tradition ends slowly. This practice of misusing the daughter-in-law by expecting her to be a servant to her new family, will probably be a surprise to many of you. Often, she must cover her face when her father-in-law and even her mother-in-law is present. Certainly a lonely life for a new bride and a struggle for the son trying to please his mama and his bride.

Of course this is not a universal truth in India. There are many families where the addition of a daughter-in-love and the subsequent birth of grand babies are a loving and welcoming experience for the whole family.

Treat Daughters-in-Law as Family Members, Not

Maids, Says Supreme Court

Nishi Malhotra
May 17, 2016
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