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Love Poems Lost At Sea
// The Lonely Author

Hola people. The struggle is real. I stared at a blank page for three hours while Allie watched Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. So, while I was trying to retrieve my romantic mojo she was sighing to McDreamy and McSteamy. Meanwhile McChimpy was McBlanky. Here is a reblog for anyone who may have missed it, while I rant to the Gods of Poetry.

The Lonely Author


Love Poems Lost At Sea

Lovely little love poems
Filled with passion and amor
Do they lose their worth
If the intended fails to adore
With heart and soul
love poems tend to woo
so accept his caring message
his words are meant for you

Many poets go unread
like clouds in a sunny sky
with unrequited metaphors
unloved poets live to die
if love poems wilt away
when a lover denies his plea
this poet prefers to disappear
with my love poems lost at sea

Photo courtesy of my daughter Catherine.

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