Cat Black, The Wiard's Hat....Soon as the evening shades prevail
The moon takes up the wondrous tale
And nightly to the listening earth
Repeats the story of her birth

While all the stars that round her burn
And all the plants in their turn
Confirm the tidings as they roll
And spread the truth from pole to pole



The 4th Quarter of the Moon enters into Aquarius Friday 29 April at 4:47a as the 4th Quarter begins at 11:29p Eastern Time

The 4th Quarter in Aquarius is the time to work on those Friendships

To heal old wounds
Draw new friends

And to remind yourself to appreciate the loyal ones that have taken up a special place in our hearts

This Friendly 4th Quarter Moon will be in Aquarius just a short time the Moon will Void of Course (travel) on Saturday Night 30 April at 10:56p ET so get started…

pink votive candle(s)
pink sparkles
pen and paper
small pen knife

A pink votive candle for each friend

Carve into the candle a symbol for friendship (with the pen knife) on each candle that relates in someway to your friendship to that person

That symbol may not always be a happy one especially if you are trying to heal old wounds

Keep your thoughts on that person
Think about that friendship
Good Bad Happy Sad

Place the candle(s) in a candle holder

Complete all steps 1by1 before you move on to the next candle next friendship

Light the candle

By the candles light write on the paper your thoughts on that friend

Visualize a glow with a soft peaceful friendship of light

When was the last time you saw each other

A happy time you had together
A fight you had with each other
Something you share

Let’s make up
Let’s have some fun
Let’s meet for lunch

Add symbols doodles images

When you are done shake a bit of the pink sparkles in the center of the letter fold it and put it in the envelope

Take the candle holder and drip a bit of wax on the back of the envelope to seal it closed

Once the wax dries write your friends name on the front of the envelope

Then place the envelope under the candle holder

Let the candle burn itself out

If you have more than 1 petition of friendship begin it after you finish the one before and so onFriends-1Hide the letter away so no one finds it to read your most valuable secrets and intimate thoughts

The next time you see that friend give him/her the letter

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