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Church_of_the_Holy_Prince_Igor_of_Chernigov_rainbow_Peredelkino_Moscow_Patriarchal_metochion_rain_800x600RAINBOW SPELL TO BRING HAPPINESS AND JOY INTO YOUR HOME

7 candles
7 ribbons
7 flowers
1 rainbow sent from heaven

The candles.ribbons.flowers will represent the 7 colors of the rainbow.1 for each color

Here are the rainbow colors and the planet it represents

RED: Mars
GREEN: Mercury
BLUE: Venus
INDIGO: Jupiter
VIOLET: Saturn

Get the tools you will need ahead of time and place them in 7 different places in your home or in 7 different rooms in your home and do not use them for anything else for you will never know when that beautiful rainbow from heaven will be sent your way 💜 so you want to be ready to light your rainbow of happiness and joy at a moments notice

Tie at the base of each candle the ribbon that matches it

Place the matching flower next to the candle and ribbon in a stem vase

The flowers can be fresh cut long stem that will dry out in time or you may use flowers that are already dried out just make sure the flowers match the colors of the rainbow

Upon first sight of a rainbow open a few windows in your home then begin to light the candles starting in order with the list above of rainbow colors

Red 1st
Orange 2nd
Yellow 3rd…and so on until all candles are lit

As you light the candles ask for natures blessings to bring joy into your home and leave the rainbow with a promise to honor nature with a few simple things like feeding the birds.plant some flowers or a tree.promise the next time you see that pesty insect you won’t frantically search for that fly swatter!

Let the rainbow enter into your home thru those open windows

Feel the light of the rainbow swirl around you

After 1 hour close the windows and extinguish the candles out with a candle snuffer

For the next 6 nights do the same thing to light the candles and open a window or 2 to let the blessings enter in

After that take the ribbons off the candles and braid them together they will become one of your most powerful talisman and will always attract the rainbow of happiness and joy into your home 💜 keep it in a special place

The flowers are given back to the earth on the night of the next full moon after your 7 day spell

As for the candles anytime you feel sad light all 7 candles in the same room you are in to bring back the joy with the rainbow ribbon talisman gripped tightly in your hands

RAINBOW BREWabstract_rainbows_colors_800x600When it rains wait for the clouds to break and look for a rainbow

If you are lucky enough to find one put outdoors a glass jar to catch the rain while the rainbow is still present

Save this water for ritual uses rainbow water that has been blessed by the appearance of the rainbow

Lid and label the jar

Because of all its colors it can be used for all types of magick also adding it to baths or anointing your body and hands while visualizing your magickal intention just before you begin the ritual or spell

The rainbow will capture the joy and imagination of your human spirit

…and try to smile more often…😉

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