April 4, 2016

Thanks for vist Rebecca and like .. This just seems so sad when l read it and l just want to add my thoughts and say many including myself had a person use my kindness as a brick bat to beat me l went back for more so many times looking just to be loved … In the end l realised she needed me more than l needed her .. Then we parted not in self but in soul …. Shared this with friends l know who really care as well .. Take care .. Ian

Rebecca Grace

Another year passes, and I become more aware of my insignificance in your life. I have seriously pondered deleting my blog as a way of purging our love from my memory … but, life is about choices and lessons. You have certainly made your own choice, and that choice, SHE, still exists in your life despite everything else. This one thing, more than any broken promises uttered, has shown me how you truly are… and the often murky depth of your feelings for me. And so, my love, it is time for my own choice. My blog will remain. I will continue to write and post… instead of pushing it aside as I have, in hope that in turning away, it won’t hurt nearly as much. I was naive, and that is my mistake… sometimes pain demands it is faced for healing to begin.

I am no longer yours my…

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