April 4, 2016

Thanks for vist Rebecca and like .. This just seems so sad when l read it and l just want to add my thoughts and say many including myself had a person use my kindness as a brick bat to beat me l went back for more so many times looking just to be loved … In the end l realised she needed me more than l needed her .. Then we parted not in self but in soul …. Shared this with friends l know who really care as well .. Take care .. Ian

FEATURED: ‘ Messenger of Love ❤️ The Lonely Author ‘

Lonely nights

that never seem to end

I spend my time

thinking of her

writing words of

love with my lonely pen

my little white dove

please deliver my poetry

tiny messenger of love

Please tell her

That she’s the one I adore

Tell her I miss her

That I need her

Her words always

leave me craving more

little dove please sing

as you carry my prose

on feathered wings

Please tell her

Without her I can’t smile

She is my angel

of happiness

Tell her to love me

if only for a little while

my little white dove

please relay my message

tiny messenger of love

Photo taken from Pinterest.

Messenger of Love 

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Storia illustrata

Storia illustrata

Nice one Doru .. Ian


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