FEATURED: See with Your Soul

Beautiful eyesTRAIN YOUR MIND

Fix that image in your mind and focus on it the more you visualize the stronger your mind opens up to what you cannot see

Escape from your body leave yourself fleshly dense tap into your mental magick begin to see with your soul

Start with your own self-acceptance a place where you no longer have secrets with yourself and believe that you and you alone is enough to accomplish what you want to

The more you use your Will the more Will you will have

…the ability to see things not visible to the naked eye – Second Sight…


Everything around us is made of energy to attract positive things in our lives start giving off positive energy to receive it back

Close your eyes and see clearly in your imagination

Become aware of what’s going on in your body

Find a quiet place sit down relax

See the shimmering air floating all around you

Take an orange candle charge it with your intention and will power fill it with focused energy then light the wick

Look closely at the flame fill your mind with the candle’s flame

This simple exercise will bring a steady focus ability to your mind do it as often as you need to

Also keep your eyes open and alert for opportunities that come your way that seem oddly timely

Stay alert to these opportunities the Universe is creating for you and use them to the best of your ability

…your mind is your instrument learn to be it’s master and not it’s slave…




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