FEATURED: Address Of Canine Commandant Gary. D. K. Holly about the global effort in using ancient techniques in catching Modern Criminals


Commandant Gary. D. K. Holly, canine school of advanced psychiatry and transcendental meditation, est 1893


Chief Instructor Oscar P. Dicken Doo, born during cold December, on the Northern slope of Mount Kilimanjaro and raised on the footpath of Mombassa.


Senior Instructor Jhonny. D. Simm, Simm, born during summer months on the Southern foothills of Himalayas and raised on the sunny beaches of Lake Key Key Yo Yo.

“We want our canines to chase criminals with a positive attitude not with anger, but with patience. For this purpose two canine yogi’s, Oscar. P. Dicken Doo, and Jhonny. D. Simm. Simm, have arrived to our academy to give out a workshop. Briefly this approach requires the release of negative energy before the chase of the criminal is pursued. The Proven method is to lower the left ear and raise the right leg for 30 seconds, then lower the right ear and raise the left leg for 45 seconds. This is followed by rotating the tail like a pendulum, once clockwise and twice anti-clockwise then holding the tail at nine o’ clock position. Take a deep breath followed by a long, loud bark and you’re ready to go. Anywhere this method has been applied arrests of the criminals have been 100% and public relations is at the optimum. When asked under oath, even the seasoned criminals confessed, being arrested by this procedure was a positive and a pleasant experience.”

Participants of the workshop came from all Continents of the World.

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