berry_strawberry_red_hair_800x600The Luscious Strawberry is very often mixed into Love Potions and Aphrodisiacs to stimulate a Deeply Passionate and Sensual Love Relationship

…so use it sparingly

Flirtation and Fun are the Folklore Stories of the Strawberry which have been known to Stir things up and can cause a lot of Trouble so be Careful when and how you use them

Strawberries also attract success ~ good fortune ~ favorable circumstances ~ good luck

If you come across a Strawberry that has Naturally grown into a Double Strawberry slice it in two right down the middle and share it with your Intended…you will fall in love

The Strawberry is the Fruit of Venus and to invoke a petition to Venus to help and support the matters of the heart use the Strawberries in baked goods like muffins or cookies then package some up in a Red Box tied closed with Red Ribbon and gift them to the one that has caught your eye


prepare this Potion to enhance Friendships ~ Happiness ~ bring out the Sweetness in a Person or Situation

do this the day before you want to Cast this Spell

1 large glass pitcher
3 pints fresh strawberries
1 fresh mint leaf
Spring Water

Cut the green tops off then slice the Strawberries and put them into the pitcher

add spring water to fill the pitcher 3/4

stir deosil 9 times

add the mint leaf

make sure all strawberries and mint leaf are covered with the spring water to release their flavors

place the pitcher in the refrigerator untouched for 24 hours

stir once more then serve it in a tall glass adding a few strawberries in each drink

…toast to friendshipStrawberry


you have a Love Target in sight and a little nudge is all that is needed to Sweeten the thoughts toward you…

2 cups frozen strawberries
2 cups milk
1 tbs honey
pinch cinnamon

put all the ingredients in a blender mix well til smooth
wind hale earth and fire
stir this potion to the one I desire
a soul forever a target to seek
bring me love a heart to keep
pour into large glasses drink the Potion together

if you like you can garnish the glasses with a sliced fresh strawberry and place it on the rim

or add a scoop of the sweet innocence of vanilla ice cream!


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