An Arab poet said…Bir Arap şairi şöyle demiş..

Lovely to see you back and writing again blessed Semra hope you are well and l realise that it must be difficult in today’s world being a Muslim and a lady … Speak soon lots of love ❤️and hugs and you are always in my 🙏




“How often do we ask Allah when we become afflicted? But when our troubles leave us, we forget Him, when in the ocean, we invoke Him to save our ship, when we return safely to land, we disobey Him, we fly in the sky in safety and comfort, and we don’t fall because our protector is Allah.”

-Don’t be Sad


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First of all l would like to thank you for visiting my news and so many likes it is so appreciated thought this tanka would be great for sharing with friends .. Ian 😀

Life is all about PAIN !!

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Tanka (5 – 7 – 5 – 7 – 7)


I’m not cool, I’m cold

Wave of love makes me colder

Your eyes watch me “cool”

Your goodness stares my brightness

Truth is! I prevent Living!!!

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A Better Life

Just love the way your writing can change but fused you with it in so many ways .. One minute you are like the noir films and then Raymond Chandlers and detectives like Marlowe coming to the rescue of women in need just like your own life fused together as in lives and facets of the mind ..Realiy brilliant writing Andrew … Ian

The Lonely Author


A Better Life

A flash of light introduced a thunder clap.

Rising to his feet, he found himself in the janitor’s supply room; two floors above his intended location.

Every second counted. Jack burst out of the closet, dashing into the nearest stairwell. He only had one chance to prevent this horror. If he didn’t stop it now, the moment could never be undone.

Tripping over his feet, he tumbled down the stairs, smacking into the hard concrete wall. Head spinning like a carousel, he wobbled to his feet. Bolts of pain streaked down his leg.

His desperate eyes glanced at the time.

Stumbling away, he ignored the burning currents that tormented him.

Was he too late?

He limped onto the second floor. Seventy feet separated him from his destination.

He didn’t want her to be scarred forever.

Ignoring an out of service sign, Jack hurled himself at the bathroom…

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Beautiful and l hope your weekend is good for you as always lots of hugs and love Ian X 💕


This is the type of writing you do so well Hollie making who ever reads it feel they are being cosseted on a cloud of that can only be called love and translated by House of Heart that comes only from you ❤️X. Ian

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