I agree with you over drugs and have seen affects first hand with people l tried to help kick the addiction .. But love your writing, perfect for friends and sharing .. Thanks Bonnie ….. Ian


Just love springtime but here in ‘ Good Old Blighty ‘ l woke up to frost today and it was a minus figure of -4 C so not a lot springing forth here … Ian X Hope your weather is good 🌷💚🌷


Lovely way to hunt for Easter eggs and such gorgeous colours here’s my Easter bunny 🐰X 💕

Lágrimas que nunca secan

Hola Juan. Fabulous quote no arguments on that so true my friend .. It’s today one year ago l buried my mum so this is really apt … Ian 🌟


“Cuando llora un reloj de arena,

cae por su faz una lágrima, seca, 

en la que nunca se percibe pena”.

Recuerdo que aquel 11 de marzo tenía que coger un tren y no lo cogí. Recuerdo porque no olvido, no olvido porque quiero recordar aquellas lágrimas que nunca secan…

Captura de pantalla 2016-03-11 a las 11.00.56

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Next door to DiCaprio

Storia illustrata

Storia illustrata

Nice as always love it Doru … Ian


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Really worth reposting Holly a fabulous post that lets you see woman but also creation intertwined as power of the animal within us all l could see a horse and how it’s power of strength and will to run can be so closely linked to the strength of will of woman – more in today’s world a they reach out to become equal in the eyes of men .. Ian X 🌟