Posting in the Trot by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Osaka Time in iTunes

Nice video Leslie l can imagine my time spent in Morocco and Rabat helping a now great friend … Ian


We were in the city of Rabat in Morocco. It was the evening that we were to have “uno cena-espectaculo Fantasia en Chez Ali” – a special evening of fantasy in Ali’s tent. Dinner was a wonderful multi course of Moroccan fare and then the dancers came out. Later we went out to a corralled court yard where there was a horse show in the dark. Torches flamed and the horse men rode carrying rifles. At one point the horsemen gathered at the far end of the yard in line formation. Suddenly they started the charge towards us and before they peeled off to each side they fired their guns in the air. We all jumped.             3:10 min. 2MB

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