Saluting Women Bloggers on Intl. Women’s Day Celebrations

Thanks Saadia for vist and link just one woman missing off your list YOU thanks for all you do for these women you support and ‘ Happy International Women’s Day ‘ … Ian PS RIP Nancy Reagan

The Human Lens


This year, The Human Lens is taking the opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day with a unique event that will run on this website for the current week. Most of my readers might be interested in knowing that inside Pakistan we celebrate annually the National Women’s day on February 12, see my link, and also we participate in the events of international women’s day 🙂 🙂

For 2016, after much introspection and thought I decided that it’s a wonderful opportunity to honor the wonderful women blogger community at wordpress whom I have shared many amazing successes and great comradeship in the social justice mission. If it was not the medium of wordpress and online blogging sphere, I wouldn’t have met and known such awe aspiring, jaw dropping and fascinating work done by these women. I recommend that readers should definitely check out their amazing work in the virtual sphere.

These women…

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