Garma Karhi by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Black Taj in iTunes

If music be the food of love play on .. Leslie


We had chicken curry last night for dinner. It’s a simple recipe with lots of chopped onions, crushed garlic, minced ginger and all of those wonderful curry spices roasted in the pan. It’s as much fun to make as it is to eat. Enjoy. 3:15 min. 2MB

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Manchas de humedad

Hola Juan. Nice quote of George Orwell ‘ if we are not able to accept ourselves as we are how will we be able accept others with all their faults ‘ … Ian


Hay una pequeña mancha detrás de la puerta.

La observo tranquilo y en silencio,

veo que tiene forma ovalada

y que su centro es más oscuro que su zona externa.

Parece que, segundo a segundo, crece y se extiende;

las manchas de humedad no paran de extenderse,

si las dejas destrozan toda la pared.

Creo que no voy a llamar a nadie para arreglarlo,

ya me lo conozco, siempre hacen lo mismo,

me van a decir que le demos una capa de pintura

cuando lo que se necesita es picar el ladrillo.

No, no voy a llamar a nadie para solucionarlo,

esta mancha he de eliminarla yo.

Lo que voy a hacer es buscar el martillo,

ahora mismo, cuanto antes mejor…

Para acabar con las manchas de humedad no vale sólo con una capa de pintura, ni con alguien que te ayude a pintar. Se necesita mucho más que simplemente…

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Happy International Women’s Day | In Times Gone By…

They fought so hard just hoping that what women fight for today is not for themselves but for others as these brave suffragettes did so long ago to get the vote .. Ian

First Night Design

‘To ask freedom for women is not a crime. Suffrage prisoners should not be treated as criminals.’

Source: Happy International Women’s Day | In Times Gone By…

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Saluting Women Bloggers on Intl. Women’s Day Celebrations

Thanks Saadia for vist and link just one woman missing off your list YOU thanks for all you do for these women you support and ‘ Happy International Women’s Day ‘ … Ian PS RIP Nancy Reagan

The Human Lens


This year, The Human Lens is taking the opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day with a unique event that will run on this website for the current week. Most of my readers might be interested in knowing that inside Pakistan we celebrate annually the National Women’s day on February 12, see my link, and also we participate in the events of international women’s day 🙂 🙂

For 2016, after much introspection and thought I decided that it’s a wonderful opportunity to honor the wonderful women blogger community at wordpress whom I have shared many amazing successes and great comradeship in the social justice mission. If it was not the medium of wordpress and online blogging sphere, I wouldn’t have met and known such awe aspiring, jaw dropping and fascinating work done by these women. I recommend that readers should definitely check out their amazing work in the virtual sphere.

These women…

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“Barbara’s in the garden” By Barbara Suen

Thanks for visit and like and this post is perfect to share with my flowers – sorry friends just love nature in so many ways we are closer to God than even in nurture .. As it is us that tends the land as God tends our soul … Regards Ian

Did you say dance (2)?

Part two … Both excellent Doru … Ian 👍👌


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Did you say dance (1)?

Part one of two .. Ian


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As promised Holly with love and hugs Ian 💕


Really nice these ideas brings back memory of braid weaving with corn years ago – old ideas are the best and giving a gift handmade with love is always the best .. And always from the ❤️


Fabulous lady and may she rest in peace .. Love the quote hugs Ian xx