Monochrome Monday: Almost There

Photography by Indah Susanti

Photography by Indah Susanti

This image is a monochrome version of Agra Man: Almost There, taken in India. I admitted this picture was heavily edited. I was in the mood to “paint” my picture back then, to send an imaginary message. How do you find about an image that being heavily edited to send a different message than its original version?

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Fabulous post from a fabulous lady really true knew it as ‘ We do not own anything we just caretaker it for others ‘ but never knew it was an Native American Proverb .. Lovely .. Ian X 💕


Thanks for vist and likes perfectly brilliant post for friends regards Ian


Paris is that lady, as beautiful as Aphrodite, as royal as Victoria, who always visits you in your dreams and you long to meet her all your life, but when you actually have her in front of you, you are in awe, and what you hear is just your racing heartbeat..

It is near to impossible to be able to visit every nook and corner of the city, for it has so much to offer. ‘Been living here since a year now, and I have only seen a quarter of the city’- a social activist.

Walking down the streets with a map and camera is the best way to experience the beauty of the city. Here, the sun sets late but the city is always awake. While strolling around the city one experiences a breeze of history, beauty and luxury at once!

The large number of museums, churches, palaces are…

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Summer Sea

Just love the sea and you make it wild and free and it is as if l am on the ocean waves being buffeted and find myself in the swell of your love and tenderness you kept inside you for so long. You really are a true ‘ Heart of Home ‘ and a writer with such talent developing story … In the beginning God said Holly … You are … ❤️


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,,Iti petreci cea mai mare parte a vietii facand ce nu trebuie, iar o buna parte a ei, nefacand nimic, toata viata te-ai preocupat de cu totul altceva decat ceea ce ar fi trebuit” Seneca

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Delhi Two by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Black Taj in iTunes

Really nice post Leslie love India culture and of course music … Ian


Delhi Two implies the duality of this City. There is the Old Delhi and the New Delhi and it is the capital of India. It is the home of the Red Fort where beautiful birds flutter around amidst beautiful, statuesque ladies who mystically float about in their colourful saris. The Jama Masjid is the largest mosque built by Shah Jahan, of the Taj Mahal fame. There’s the Ashoka Pillar and too many other sites to mention here. Close your eyes a listen to the music and hopefully it will transport you there.

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Escribir… Tarea difícil!!

Hola juan. Nice quote and oh so true but once you learn that you wrote not for your audience first but from your heart second giving the very best news or views in all fields you can – ‘ A simple scenario is using food you are only as good as the last meal you cooked, don’t live on your laurels as so many Roman Caesars found out by their finding while Rome burned .. Ian


“El día que te sientes delante de un papel

y no te preocupe lo que vas a escribir,

ese día habrás dejado de ser escritor”.

Esta mañana he cogido mi bolígrafo, mi cuaderno, he escrito cuatro palabras y he parado. Me he dicho a mí mismo: “Para escribir basura, mejor no escribas nada”. En ese momento me he dado cuenta, al revés de lo que se pueda pensar, de que soy un escritor de verdad, de esos que se preocupan por dar en cada escrito lo mejor de sí -para ellos mismos y para sus lectores-, de esos a los que escribir les resulta realmente más difícil que a los demás…

Captura de pantalla 2016-03-02 a las 15.42.01 Google images

Escritores de verdad… un abrazo!!

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Storia illustrata