Baby Close Your Eyes

Your words Andrew have such depth that they invoke thoughts in others about their lives, that is the skill of a true writer .. This is such a peice it provides a picture in my mind of women l knew and those l had to let go as it was time in my life l helped 7 damaged women and then it was time to let them fly, that is is purity of love not for yourself but for that person you helped .. Ask nothing for yourself but know your are doing my will .. Said Jesus Ian

The Lonely Author


Baby Close Your Eyes

Baby, close your eyes
Come live this fantasy with me
Let me be the lover you always wanted
But never had
Forget about sharing love or life
Let’s share moments
For every moment with you shall be treasured
Tell me all your dreams
I will make each one come true
Let me adore your body
Every curve every pound
Let my warm breath worship you
Until your insecurities evaporate
Let’s bleed tears of happiness
To nourish our private garden of love
You will evolve
You will be stronger
More confident
you will love yourself
more than you will me
spread your wings
Baby if you decide to fly away
I will accept that too

Photo taken from Google Images origins unknown.

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