Hong Kong 

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There are a lot of places in the world where I’d like to go, but there are significantly fewer where I’d like to live.

A land of hauté skyscrapers, heavenly food, diverse traditions and breathtaking landscapes is like a chest of gold for explorers and travellers. The city nurtures a blend of its modern commercial persona and the diverse influence of its Chinese roots and colonial connections.

You could be enjoying the rains, tapping your feet gently to the music of a couplet of poets, relishing the beauty of the local cuisine, witnessing the spectacle of the symphony of lights at the Victoria Harbour when the feeling of not having to live here forever would start gnawing at you.

Here, I was welcomed by a rain shower followed by a perfect rainbow which I think was the best possible start to my trip.

(Also, it’s quite intriguing that wherever I…

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