One Week in Rio: Travel Report Part I

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A vida louca

The last week, Rio de Janeiro and the carnival in the metropolis were the number one topic. And not just in Brazil. The international media were following the happening at the Sugarloaf with great interest. Especially the scantily clad queens of the samba schools, whose hips move faster than quite a few Ferraris, linger in the memory of many. I visited the city at the end of January: One week before the official start of the carnival parades, the so-called “blocos de Carnaval”. A big street party of hot samba rhythms, exuberant alcohol consumption and sweaty bodies. Simply “suada”. Because carnival time is also summer time in Brazil. And many parades occur in the afternoon hours. Led by a samba band people walk, no, they dance for an hour or even longer through the streets of the city.

But let’s get back to the topic: Rio de Janeiro. I will…

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Valiente libertad

Hola Juan., I love that simple and straight to the point .. I remember this ‘ Justice cannot be served when good men doing nothing but doing nothing in certain cases protects the innocent ‘ Ian


“La miré, me pareció perfecta, y me enamoré de ella.

Después la volví a mirar, descubrí que no era perfecta, y me enamoré aún más”.

Vuelvo a releer partes de mi novela de próxima publicación y sonrío por el orgullo que siento. Pero no siento orgullo por publicar, o porque la novela esté perfectamente escrita, o porque la historia que cuento en ella sea impecable; siento orgullo por la valentía que lleva implícita, valentía narrativa, valentía creativa, valentía real, esa valentía que nos hace tan libres…

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Bună-vă dimineața-vă!

Storia illustrata

The Seventh First Date: Anything But Lucky

Just love your post on these dates as a man l can see more and more why men are single as there treatment of a a potential partner is atrocious to say the least on behalf of men ( not all ) l would like to apologise hope your luck improves regards Ian 🌹