Gone with Wind and Scarlett O’ Hara now that’s a Southern Belle – ring ring

The Lonely Author


A mush-less post since I had such a rough day yesterday.  Boys just wanna have fun. (Damn that sounded gay).  Ladies, I assure you this Chimp isn’t gay.  Seriously, I’m not.

Since I started blogging I learned I was missing out on a whole new and delightful world. I dedicate this to God’s divine gift to man, the charming and enchanting Southern Belle.


Why would I need a thousand sirens
Or a hundred mermaids from the sea
I don’t need a harem of sexy dancers
Because you’re the only one for me

Don’t need three wishes from a genie
No need to help a damsel in distress
Forget Wonder Woman and Supergirl
reservations for one inside this chest

I’m  so enchanted by their charms
Only a Southern Belle can set me free
need to leave the big city lights cause
Scarlett, you’re the only one for me

Photo taken…

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