I was never good and waiting either l always wanted everything too soon, l found out one day if l had not then l would not have nearly gone bankrupt at 36 years of age – So like so many l leaned the hard way – Human nature l suppose nice post as always Ian 👍


I’ve never really been good at waiting. I’m just as fidgety waiting in a queue now as I was when I was a rug-rat, only now I don’t have my mother nudging me, telling me to keep still.

I admit that if the queue looks too long or not moving fast enough I walk away. I can literally feel myself ageing in queues. The life in me slowly draining away, second by second. My time here is too precious to be spent standing in a queue. I got stuff to do!

My patience has well and truly been exhausted over these past 3 months waiting for the sale of my business to settle. My life has been like one of those bad dreams where you are running down a hallway trying to get to the door at the end but the hallway keeps expanding just as you are within an…

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