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Storia illustrata

I still feel you

Beautiful writing and fabulous depth of meaning now coming from your ❤️ in such a wonderful intuitive way lots of love and hugs ‘ Home of ❤️ X

House of Heart

Do you feel me at

the razor edge of madness?

Imagine us in the fierce

break of waves along

 the sea line; 

 In dark eyes that catch yours

in musty corridors of dreams

in an early morning drench.

I feel you in this desert

of wolves

in the vigil of birds that hover

at my midnight window.

 I still find you in the dust

of bones we left behind.     

Art photo of the woman in the apartment in the skyscraper Stock Photo - 25321364

art by Konrad Bak

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Count Down

Thanks for vist and like great post for sharing with friends regards Ian 😀




take my six hours, we’ll call it a day

I’d like to leap a different way

a quarter to keep for myself

a fraction of time that is mine

all just mine

borrowed time there on the shelf

I’d rise at first stroke

spend my two bits till I’m broke

a revolution, in minutes, all mine

no time to do aught but eat and clear up

is this how I’d spend that brief time

breakfast at twelve, elevenses at one

lunchtime I’d have about two

afternoon tea at the a.m. of three

and dinner at four, that would do

I’d supper at five, that would be a surprise

and at six I’d depart for the night

one hour to rest then up on my feet

to begin a new day, sleepless fright

but oh, what a waste, to be eating in haste

and spend all night washing up


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The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “A person will be summoned with the one whom he loves”…&…Allah Resûlü (ﷺ) dedi ki, ” Kişi sevdiği kimseyle beraberdir.

Nice to see you back bless’ed Semra ❤️



If you need love, love. Need happiness? Bring it to others. Want to be rich? Share from what you have. Want Jannah? Do it all for Allah’s Pleasure.

Yahya Adel Ibrahim

Sevgiye ihtiyacın varsa, sev. Mutluluğa ihtiyacın varsa, başkalarını mutlu et. Zengin olmak istiyorsan, neyin varsa paylaş. Cenneti istiyorsan, Allah’ı memnun et.

Yahya Adel Ibrahim

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No te enteras…

Absolutely 😀


“Coge eso…

¿El qué?



¡No! Eso…

Ni idea…

¡Eso de ahí!…

Pues no sé…

Ya voy yo. ¡Si es que no te enteras!”.

Quien no haya tenido nunca una conversación como ésta que tire la primera piedra!!!! Me hacen mucha gracias este tipo de conversaciones cotidianas… 🙂

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Really nice post just love strawberries 🍓🍓🍓




1 ripe red juicy strawberry
needles and pins

take the strawberry and think about all the fortunate things you would like to enter your life

think and visuslize

visualize having them
what would you do with it
touch it in the palms of your hands

than take a pin or needle and pierce it very gently into the strawberry while you have the thought of one fortunate circumstance in your mind

if you have more than one do the same over again while you visualize the second draw of fortune to come your way

when finished place the strawberry in a red glass bottle for 3 days

do not lid the bottle leave it open

after the 3 days pull out the pins and bury the strawberry on your property where you live or work

the pin(s)…

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