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Beautiful words taking me from ☃ back to the ❤️ A 🔥

Ese inesperado silencio…

I always say that it’s not what you say l listen too but what you don’t say this is perfect example nice Juan 👌


“A veces guardo la mente escondida en un rincón de una gota de agua.

En ese momento nunca grito; llueva o no, sólo dejo pasar en silencio las nubes”.

Pues sí, es cierto, así soy. Si esperas que te grite, sigue esperando…

Silence and screams

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Saturday morning with the Munsters brilliant followed up with similar with Adams Famuly have nice weekend thought you would like this video

To Visit God !/ The Source OF Good Life.(Post # 734)

Nice one Jalal let God be with you Ian 🙏


If someone is tired , angry , frustrated ,

Depressed ,feeling hopeless or even ,

Happy and thankful for his life.

Let him visit God at the church .

Sit with God and have a dialogue .

For God is the source of good life.

God is yearning for everyone to visit him.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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Storia illustrata


Incredible actress and however bad things got with Richard she did just that 🍸💋 what a real woman


Another beautiful well written post the words relate to time in a second and how they make us feel as we look at ourselves through a window of how we see our life. Some of us see the weather outside as a mirror of our life’s 🌞 On certain days and 🌧 On other days really ❤️ of 🔥

Ahogarse en azul, morirse en rojo

Thanks for all your visits and likes just love your posts regards Ian


“Se moría por ahogarse en el mar azul de sus ojos,

y al final casi se muere probando otro pintalabios rojo”.

A todos esos, a mi amigo B. en especial, que cuando lanzan la moneda en esa intrincada y maravillosa cosa llamada “Amor” siempre les sale cruz. Ningún camino es fácil y sencillo…

Captura de pantalla 2016-01-29 a las 17.36.15

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Really nice l felt just like a bird on a wire from the film with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn nice

Un mundo al trasluz

Thanks for following and l totally agree its caring about other people regards Ian


“Me encanta tu mirada al trasluz,

porque en ella puedo ver el mundo entero”.

Dedicado a ti, que percibes el mundo sin tapujos y llevas la verdad reflejada en los ojos. Bien sabes que las cosas más importantes de la vida no son cosas…

Important things

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