Dreams On Hold

Lovely picture of your mum Andrew and words go together perfectly and your right about the title keeping your dreams on hold — so many people do just that – I did until my mum died last February for nearly thirty years of my life and never realised until she died Ian

The Lonely Author


Photograph taken by unknown source. It is the only remaining photo of Lonely Author’s mother.

This is for every woman who made the sacrifice of putting their dreams on hold.

Dreams On Hold

Once upon a time
She met a man
Placed her dreams on hold
She slaved for a boss
Ran home to cook meals
Birth a little treasure
Years of housework
Abuse and neglect
Devoted herself to husband’s pleasures
Sacrificed for everyone
Gave up everything
Including herself
And her happiness
Her boy is living his dream
She missed the train of life
Everyone left her behind
She lived unappreciated
Sad but so true
People forget
Little girls have dreams

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