Dignity Is An American Soul ! / Gratitude .

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” Every Plate Overflows With It’s Contains.”


Non of the 43 former American Presidents accused or called America arrogant except Barack Hussein Obama.He  did during his failed apology tour to the Middle -East in 2009.Yet the American people regardless of race,gender and creed elected him for a second term.

Dr.Martin L. King .(1929-1968) Buried racism , hatred  and division . Barack  Hussein Obama  within a short time , resurrected  hatred , racism and division.

Mr.John F. Kennedy ,(1917-1963) and 10 other American presidents rejected the Cuban communist and callous regime .Barack Hussein Obama embraced the regime and shook hands with the Cuban dictator Raul Castro.

Abraham Lincoln ,(1809-1865) emancipated the African Americans.Barack Hussein Obama freed the gays and lesbians . He lit the White House,(the People’s House) with gays flag colors to  celebrate the legalization of same sex marriage . He used to believe marriage is between a man…

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