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First Night Design

When I was in a production of And Then There Were None in 1982 in the seaside resort of Southwold — I played the housekeeper who (spoiler alert!) dies in the opening scene — it was still going under its politically incorrect title of Ten Little Niggers. Even at the time we thought that was a bad idea, but the producer of this seaside rep was insistent.

I very much enjoyed watching the BBC’s giallo-inspired, and star packed, dramatisation of And Then There were None, released in the UK over the Christmas break. A superior piece of storytelling, the production was praised for re-invigorating the Christie formula, stripping back the fustiness to let the sheer bloodthirstiness of the piece shine through.

The series made me wonder whether “the golden age” of detective fiction as popularised in the 1920’s and 30’s in itself deserved something of a re-appraisal. Although extremely popular…

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Painting/drawing challenge

Nice post really different and thanks for like on my friend Doru post and following regards Ian

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

At the latest session my painters friends and I had we did interpretations of this:

How would your interpretation look like if you do a painting or drawing out of this?
Use your imagination and go for it.

Mine look like this right now. I hadn’t time to color it in, so it’s a work in progress.

If you do a drawing or a painting, please show us in a post on your blog and if you like, link back to this post, so people can find your version.

I can also reblog your post if you like.

Good luck with your art! You don’t have to be an artist to do this. Just do something that might leads back to the balloon man in the chair 🙂

The balloon man is made by Johan Hoflund. You can see his artwork at and on…

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It snowed

Did here as well not enough to build a ☃ though KOH turned to 💦





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Why Perform Prayers? Niçin Namaz kılıyoruz?

You write such beautiful posts so full of love and respect of others feelings so rare in today’s world especially with faith and belief getting such bad press. It’s mans interpretation that is warped not the true belief in God in my personal opinion – Keep up the great work writing about peace and love from the ❤️ Ian



sem sem

A child in the womb of his mother has a mouth, eyes, ears, hands and feet. All of his organs and equipments are bestowed completely. However, none of them is needed in that womb. The baby is fed by means of a funiculus him to his mother.

Now if that child said:

O my Lord! This funiculus is enough for me. There is no need for this mouth, these eyes, ears, hands and feet. They do not serve any purpose.,

Doubtless, he would be replied by Allah as follows:

Do not rush my servant and do not interfere with what you do not comprehend. After a short while, you are going to enter such a world that this hose which you define as everything for me is going to fit nothing and so it is going to be cut off. The mouth, eyes, ears and similar organs which you consider…

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Spiegel- Spiel (2)

Nice really like these pictures Ian 👍


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