Ten advises from a physician to cure the diseases of the heart…Kalbin hastalıklarını tedavi etmek için bir doktordan on tavsiye.

Just love the Ten things paragraph Semra it is just how the world should be perfect Ian ❤️




Al-Hasan al-Basri said, “One day I was walking with a young pious man in the narrow streets of Basra and its markets until we reached a physician sitting on a chair and around him were many men, women, and children who had bottles of water in their hands. Each one of them was seeking a cure for his illness.

The young man moved closer to the physician and asked him, ‘O physician! Do you have a medicine that cleans away sins and cures the [spiritual] diseases of the heart?

He replied ‘Yes!’

The young man said, ‘Give it to me!”

The physician said,

“Take ten things from me – take the roots of the tree of poverty with the roots of the tree of humility, and pour in it the milk of repentance, then place it in the mortar of acceptance [of whatever is predestined for one], crush it with…

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Pretty Girl Unloved

The Lonely Author


Pretty Girl Unloved

She was like the last leaf on a dying tree
Hanging from a barren branch
Too frightened to be free
Unloving winds made her rock and sway
Disconnected from her twig
She was forever castaway

Unwanted and unnoticed she fell in dirt
She remained all alone there
With no one to cure her hurt
Dying in shadows with no the sun above
She lay in the cold forever
Pretty girl unloved

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Something Concrete

Really Inspiring words and picture just sets it off just right 🌹

Storia illustrata


She really suffered for her art but wow what a great pout and a brilliant actress 💕 l love to see the golden Hollywood stage filled with these sirens those were the days of course closest to these has to be Madonna X


Nice X What feel and what we ignore is the intuition we have everyday of our lives, it only changes when we are misled.