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FEATURED: Heart 💔 Ache


HeartacheYou are like a poison I must have a taste of

My perfect heart was filled with you as you traveled through my soul

You slipped under my skin
Invaded my blood
Seized my heart

Leaving behind broken pieces and tears that have become my only words

Lying is such a dangerous poison

One pinch of what I hold in my hands would end your days on earth

Part of me wishes that you might demand a taste

Your black heart took its revenge out on me

Forgive me…I whisper 💔

I know vegeance cannot bring him back if only he had loved me

My heart needs justice too

About now…you must despise me for what I am about to do…

this spell begins at midnight on a night where there is no moon

with a lock of your victim’s hair

first light 2 black candles in the darkness of a room behind a locked door

with a red piece of virgin paper 3inch square write the name of the one who belongs to the lock of hair then sprinkle in the center some dried yarrow herb while thinking deeply about the love you want to banish

your thoughts must be deep
your mind free of any other thoughts
your will power strong

take that lock of hair which may not be easy to obtain but which is most required

be “crafty” you will figure a way to get it

place the lock of hair in the red paper on top of the yarrow herb

top it off with another sprinkle of yarrow herb

roll the paper up with the hair and herb trapped inside twist the ends closed

think of that person…

take the red rolled up paper into the flame of the candle

once the end has caught fire place it in a metal dish or bowl letting it burn itself out into ash

while the mixture burns say:

as the hair of your head goes up in smoke

may your love affect me no more

as the fire consumes the hair of your head

may the trails and troubles of you enter my door no more

toss the ash outdoors let the wind take it away

Source: https://hocuspocus13.wordpress.com/2016/01/02/heart%f0%9f%92%94ache/

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Anul din Poveşti

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Denisa Aricescu

Da, încă un an. L-am cuprins în braţe din timp pe copilul 2015. Da, îi spun copil, aşa îmi place să-l alint. L-am îngrijit cum am ştiut eu mai bine, nu l-am lăsat să-mi stea în cale. A fost un an bun şi înţelegător cu dorinţele mele. Mi le-a îndeplinit rând pe rând. Am fost surprinsă de momentele speciale pe care nu mi le-am imaginat vreodată. Ştiu, anul trecut, stăteam de vorbă. Eram cuprinsă de nostalgie, pe umeri se odihnea amestecul de vise, din care nu puteam gusta. Mi-am deschis sufletul în faţa oamenilor dragi, pe care îi am alături, mi-am deschis sufletul către iubirea lui. Nu am cuvinte pentru a-mi exprima bucuria pe care o simt atunci când călătorul, gândul meu mă plimbă prin anotimpurile copilului 2015.

Primăvara mi-a adus timpul care are aroma cuvintelor tale, apoi a urmat Vara din Poveşti

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