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FEATURED: Sufficient for me is Allah, there is no deity except Him … &..Allah

Sufficient for me is Allah; there is no deity except Him…&…Allah bana yeter. O’ndan başka hiçbir ilah yoktur….Surat At-Tawbah [9/129]

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Wash your heart every morning with Salah (pray), then warm it up with dhikr (remembrance of Allah). Begin each day with faith in your heart, and know that no matter how steep the mountain, Allah is with you as you climb. Every day do your best, Allah will do the rest.


Her sabah kalbini namazla yıka, sonra zikirle onu ısıt. Her güne kalbinde ki imanla başla, ve bil ki dağ ne kadar dik olursa olsun onu tırmanırken Allah seninle beraberdir. Sen her gün elinden gelenin en iyisini yap, gerisini Allah’a bırak.


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