Mi nombre es Legión

Las crónicas del Otro Mundo

“— ¿Le conocías mucho?

— ¿Qué?

— El tal Alanzón, ¿era tu amigo?

— Bueno… fue alguien importante. Fue quién se encargó de alistarme en el cuerpo de arqueros. Murió en la jungla de Phelig, justo a mi lado. En la zanja donde nos parapetamos cuando nos sorprendieron los humanos. Supongo que en el fondo sí era mi amigo… todos lo éramos, es lo que quiero entender. Si no confiábamos realmente en los otros miembros del grupo, que eran los que no tenían que fallar cuando tú lo hacías o si no moríais todos, ¿en quién ibas a confiar?”

Este pequeño fragmento, o mejor dicho, esta contestación de Lobo, nos ha llevado a recapacitar acerca de esta todavía novata aventura de ‘Las crónicas del Otro Mundo’ en su periplo por este vasto cosmos que es la blogosfera. ¿Quiénes sois los habitantes del Otro Mundo a quién wordpress denomina ‘comunidad’?


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Really beautiful words really awe inspiring great stuff and the selfie is beautiful as well hugs and xxx Ian

What’s your opinion ? Your dog loves you five times more than your cat – science has proven it – Wel l my friends ?

Your dog loves you five times more than your cat - science has proven it Getty
Not really that surprising (Picture: Getty)

What is love, anyway?

It’s not just a rhetorical question. Scientists believe they have a chemical answer in the form of oxytocin, a hormone that mothers release when they bond with their newborn babies, for example.

The ‘love hormone’ has an important role in human interaction, but now scientists have studied its effect on cats and dogs.

Researchers for a BBC documentary, Cats vs Dogs, tested pets for their oxytocin levels before and after they saw their owners. Ten cats and ten dogs had saliva taken, then played with their owners for ten minutes, MailOnline reported.

Afterwards, researchers… Read the full story

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Art on Tuesday: Beauty in the Snow

Really nice KOH beautiful really beautiful 🌟




♪Have a nice weekend ♪


This ukiyo-e by Kikuzawa Eizan 菊川 英山 (1787- 1867) shows a stylish Japanese girl in an orange-red kimono barefoot on wooden sandals. It is cold outside. The wind is blowing and she is holding her clothes with one hand, so you can see a little bit of her legs without stockings. She must freeze, her right hand is covered by her sleeve and with the other hand she is holding an umbrella. Unbelievable, but she shows no sign of discomfort.

情報源: Art on Tuesday: Beauty in the Snow

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I’m moved where we going ? X

Bună-vă dimineața-vă!

Fabulous Doru thrall great love stem trains here’s mine 🚂


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Bambini hanno paura della loro ombra

Children are truly amazing just loved the one trying to catch his own shadow brilliant thanks Ian 👌

Paradiso con due dita...

Video del web

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Poesia d amore… love poetry… <3

Nice Anna 🌟

Paradiso con due dita...

Poesia d’amore di Rabindranath Tagore


Rimani davanti ai miei occhi, e lascia
che il tuo sguardo infiammi i miei canti.
Resta fra le tue stelle, e alla loro luce
lascia ch’io accenda la mia adorazione.
La terra rimane in attesa
sul ciglio della strada del mondo;
Rimani in piedi sul verde mantello
ch’essa ha steso sul tuo cammino;
e fa ch’io senta nei fiori di campo
il prolungamento del mio saluto.
Resta nella mia sera solitaria
dove il mio cuore veglia da solo;
e colma la coppa della sua solitudine,
che sente in me l’infinità del tuo amore.

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Dreams On Hold

Lovely picture of your mum Andrew and words go together perfectly and your right about the title keeping your dreams on hold — so many people do just that – I did until my mum died last February for nearly thirty years of my life and never realised until she died Ian

The Lonely Author


Photograph taken by unknown source. It is the only remaining photo of Lonely Author’s mother.

This is for every woman who made the sacrifice of putting their dreams on hold.

Dreams On Hold

Once upon a time
She met a man
Placed her dreams on hold
She slaved for a boss
Ran home to cook meals
Birth a little treasure
Years of housework
Abuse and neglect
Devoted herself to husband’s pleasures
Sacrificed for everyone
Gave up everything
Including herself
And her happiness
Her boy is living his dream
She missed the train of life
Everyone left her behind
She lived unappreciated
Sad but so true
People forget
Little girls have dreams

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