Paper HeartI dip this Quill in the Ink to write my Spells of some specific intention

To scribe in my Journal with this Ink my most Magickal Recipes

A Love Letter written in Blood to Dear John will seal his Heart to Mine


luck ~ fertility ~ prosperity ~ lunar magick

2 cups well strained rain water
2 cups fresh purple cabbage
2 tps white vinegar

Rough chop the cabbage

Place cabbage water and vinegar in cauldron or cook pot bring to a boil then simmer 30 minutes

Strain out cabbage and allow the liquid to simmer for another 15 minutes

Reducing the liquid by more than half

Keep a careful eye on it so it does not burn

Cool and store the dark purple ink in a tight sealing glass vessel

healing ~ money ~ protection

Pick the blackberries in season

Mash them well and strain the blackberries through muslin

Pour the liquid (ink) into a clean sterilized glass bottle or jar

love ~ earth ~ healing old wounds from the past ~ blood substitute

Boil 3 beetroots for 20 minutes til tender

Then juice them

While still warm add a dash of gum arabic powder and stir til thick

Store the blood red ink in a glass vessel


you will need a piece of virgin paper ~ a paper that has never been written on ~

cut it into 2 small pieces

a candle a favorite book

take the 2 pieces of paper and hold them tightly between the palms of your hands

think about 2 things you would like to change about yourself

  1. something negative to banish
  2. something positive to addBurn Your Worries

if you are doing this with others just give each person 2 pieces of paper a candle and bring along their favorite book then follow the spell together

once you have set in your mind your good point to add and bad point to banish and have thought about it very strongly take the Earth Ink you prepared and with a Quill dip it into the Ink and write just 1 word for each change you would like for yourself

a bird feather you find on the ground works very well for a Quill

or use your imagination with something that has a tip

as you write the words think about the words you are writing down and the reason why you decided on those 2 words

think and feel the words

then go to the candle and burn the banish word in the flame see that written word burn away…

the add word piece of paper place on the 33rd page of one of your favorite books

in time the changes shall take place for you in your life…

When you are preparing the Ink keep your Energy your Mind on making the Ink the Spells you will write with the Ink put your Energy into the making every Stir every Mash every Drop.

Source: https://hocuspocus13.wordpress.com/2015/12/26/magick%e2%99%a6ink/

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