Nice one Doru here’s mine on a tree 🎄


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🌒 time of change I was 31 when he died my dad tonight it’s 31 years ago time for humanity to change from evil to good – it begins with the 💡 Not this one this one in the beginning God said let there be 🌞


I’ve seen him 🐿 Now where did l see him 🐿 Hold on it will come to me heres a clue 🌰🌰🌰 I will find him he is hiding somewhere 🐿


Not quite the ☃ from Roald Dahl books but l am walking in the air being born under 2 air signs Aquarius my birth and Lbra my riding ad the scales of justice l way daily with my earth being the Gardener of Eden – So how do you see me now 😇 or 👹 ?