Night Markets of Thailand by swo8 Blues Jazz from the album Unfinished Business

You and Don make a great team Leslie regards Ian 😀


The video, Night Markets of Thailand by swo8 Blues Jazz, is another collaboration and was inspired by the wonderful photography of Don Charisma. The music will be on the album, Unfinished Business in iTunes.

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My World & Welcome to it…………….STOP, IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO……………..

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blog photo for Sept 13, 2015

For my readers who read my last post I referred to a southern expression that I used quite a lot until recently that is until I found out that the expression I was so fond of using was a southern replacement for an expression that the rest of the nation uses that is in fact, a curse expression. This is an expression that I have not now nor ever have used when speaking Yankee. This new found knowledge forces me to never use the southern expression…………….sigh. Just because I won’t use this expression doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty folks here who do. That being said there are some expressions and are some actions that are taboo and MUST NEVER BE SAID OR DONE in my world.

Just in case any of my readers ever have their cars break down or become lost on their way to Florida and they find…

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Storia illustrata

Nice one Doru 👁


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Brilliant recipe l love Autumn and the smell of pine it invokes calm and makes sense to why in your recipe we make a great team – thoughts and feelings make a great recipe 💕

The Power Plant Smokestack Third Rail is the Lifesaver

Nice post Kev Ian 👍

Power Plant Men

Originally posted November 29, 2014:

It was quite a site at the coal-fired Power Plant in North Central Oklahoma to see a 400 pound man climbing up the ladder to the 250 foot level (halfway) of the smokestack only to climb halfway down again on the track the elevator used to go up and down the smokestack. I was on labor crew then and I remember thinking, I’m sure glad that’s not me.

A small tour of people from Oklahoma City had come to the plant and one of the engineers was showing them around. I think Allen Gould may remember who it was. I’m not saying it was Allen, I’m just thinking that he was around at that time.

Power Plant Engineer Allen Gould Power Plant Engineer Allen Gould

I think that day the wind was blowing rather hard and when the elevator was descending (going down) the stack, the power cable somehow blew…

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because it is history

Nice post getting like that here ready for Chritmas snow – what’s weather like your end ? Ian X


Nice one KOH






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