Mother’s Waltz by swo8 Blues Jazz and the great American Author and Photographer Marilyn Armstrong

Nice one Leslie regards Ian 👍


The Mother’s Waltz was a collaboration with the photography of the great American Author and Photographer Marilyn Armstrong and the music of swo8 Blues Jazz. The video is composed of the photos of both our families and the music developed from there.

Today is special as Marilyn and I take time to remember our mothers. This was the birthday of Marilyn’s mother and tomorrow marks the day that my mother passed. Where would we be without our mothers?

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IT’s OK…

Just ❤️ this my contribution 😻🙀 X


Happy 🌟 Winter 💥 Solstice X


Just love the history behind the Yuletide Season and have read so many misconceptions then l read your posts and l find a real 🌟X

One More Time

Wonderful poem Andrew and posted your friend Chrissys post as compliment to you and her great work, your best just got better 🌟

The Lonely Author


Yesterday, I read an incredible poem, that started a painful conversation with its author. I was so affected by our chat, I sighed off of my blog earlier than usual.

Sorry, my writing doesn’t match her power or emotion. This humble poem is dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one.

Chrissy this is for you.

One More Time

My life without you

was never meant to be

a planet so barren

it’s lacking symmetry

my arms yearning

to hold you tight

dreaming of the day  

I find you in the light

you will never know

my life devoid of rhyme

Or the treasures I would give

to hold you one more time

Here is the link to the writing that inspired our conversation

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Misunderstand me

I post this to compliment my friend Andrews post today ad you inspired him regards Ian. Post is great l can see why he said what he said 🌟

Christina Strigas

You told me I was wrong

to all my rights

as I stared at tombstones

read ancient Greek adages

rolled in limousines

to graveyards and churches

but funerals are exactly like weddings

do not fool yourself

death and love

are interchangeable.

Wear black for white

white for black

only my mom is left now.

Coffin upon coffin of years

scan pictures to lost villages

escape time with movie star poses

kiss strangers into friends.

Drink shots of Metaxa and Greek coffee

for six days straight

and still the pain is not numb

it is all a farce

this life.

Our bodies cold

with painted lips and

pretty dresses

or suits

to make a new home

stare at endings

make new beginnings.

late night philosophical quests

of broken dreams

unedited manuscripts.

Always doing what we could

to be understood

but all I want to do

is be


Bury me with…

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Storia illustrata

Storia illustrata