What was your dream?

Short life but not a merry one, lived fast and died young, but what a great actor, nice post Andrew

The Lonely Author


“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” -James Dean

Look at the innocence in his eyes. The boy had no idea one word would define his life.

With an expected date of birth of March 17th (Ides of March) his name was almost Marc Anthony. But he was so comfy in his free womb and board, he decided to hang around another three weeks.

He had big dreams. He wanted to be an astronomer and spend his life gazing at the stars. Until, a talent scout walked into his elementary school and “discovered” him. Dreams of stardom and fame overwhelmed his parents, but they were never his dreams.

They shipped him to Los Angeles, all expenses paid, to star in his own film. Minutes before the contract signing the producers learned the boy never rode a horse. The almost star rode the next plane back…

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Power Plant Women and the EEOC Shuffle

Power Plant Men

Originally posted November 30, 2013:

While I worked as a janitor at the coal-fired power plant in North Central Oklahoma the subject came up one Monday morning about the normal career path that janitors could take. We had already been told that the only place a janitor could advance to was the labor crew. We had been told that there was a company policy that came down from Oklahoma City that only allowed janitors to move to the labor crew before they could move on to another job like an Operator or Mechanic.

I had been trying to decide if I wanted to go the route of being an Operator or a Mechanic during my time as a janitor. That is, until Charles Foster asked me if I would be interested in becoming an Electrician.

I had begun my studies to learn about being an electrician when there was an…

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Colado and pastelitos

Just ❤️ Christmas poinsettia beautiful flowers just like your word on 📖

A fost Pascal îndrăgostit? / 5 /

Casa care adăposteşte gânduri • Editura Excelsior Art

scriitori_indragostitiVa fi avut Pascal un rol oarecare în hotărârea luată domnişoara de Roannez de a se dedica vieţii monahale? Ca să dăm un răspuns, se cere să cântărim cu grijă datele pe care le avem la dispoziţie şi cronologia lor. În 1656, chiar în plină campanie a apariţiei Scrisorilor provinciale, a izbucnit cazul „miracolului sfântului Spin”, petrecut la Port-Royal, citadela jansenismului. : Marguerite Périer, nepoata lui Pascal, se vindecă de o boală de ochi prin atingerea unei relicve sfinte. Domnişoara de Roannez, suferind şi ea de ochi, se duce la Port-Royal  în speranţa vindecării, nu se vindecă, revine la Paris, apoi se întoarce la Port-Royal după câteva luni (în august 1656), trăieşte o criză mistică şi face jurământ de intrare în călugărie; după cum a spus mai târziu, ea ar fi rămas pa loc la Port-Royal dacă ar fi avut acolo pe cineva cunoscut. Gazier face mare caz de aceste…

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The 👀 ‘s are the window to the soul as the 6th sense is the minds 👁 X

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