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Denisa Aricescu

Timp naiv

În Casa Razelor de Soare,
Stăteau deschise, cuvintele mele, zi de zi…
Mânuţe gingaşe de copii te conduceau
Pe canapelele din catifea aurie.
O singură privire stătea retrasă,
Metisă a Verii din Poveşti şi a Iernii-Culoare de Argint
Scria Povestea Cerului, acolo, unde
Urmele întregii lumi se intersectau
Într-un apus sângeriu…
În noaptea târzie, notele se izbeau în pereţi de stele,
Îngeri coborâţi pe portativ.
Ah, ce naiv !


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Power Plant Pigeons Wars Continue

Power Plant Men

Originally posted November 22, 2014:  Added an addendum to the end of this story.

Power Plant Pigeons actually believe that the entire reason Power Plants were built in the first place was to provide new rent-free Pigeon roosts for Power Plant Pigeons.  Large lakes are placed alongside the Power Plant so that the pigeons can spend their days frolicking away in the immense Pigeon Bird bath supplied by the electric company.  Fields of grain are planted throughout the power plant realm in order to provide a nutritional diet to Power Plant Pigeons.  Even men with bright yellow hardhats are supplied for pigeons to fly over and target practice their Power Plant Pigeon Poop dropping skills by aiming at the bright hardhat dots below.

One Power Plant Pigeon One Power Plant Pigeon

I wrote about the pursuit to remove Power Plant Pigeons from the Power Plant Realm two years ago when I wrote the post…

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Nice one Kev 👍

A sunny day~





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Storia illustrata

What actor/actress would play you in the story of your life?

Hola. I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who supported me last week through a crazy week of posting excerpts of my manuscripts. Your reactions and comments about my work and ideas, inspired me to plow forward on my quest toward publication.

One interesting thing that did occur; so many people suggested actors to play different roles. That is a game I often play with my family.

When I wrote The Executioner’s Diary, I thought of a younger Antonio Banderas as the perfect actor to play the role of a Cuban refugee turned hit man. I once mailed him and his representatives a copy of my screenplay; but never heard back from them.

The role of Veyda in Paradox was written for Kate Beckinsale. With the few remaining humans accepting their dismal fate; Veyda is the tough soldier who refuses to believe humanity will become extinct. After watching her gritty performance in Underworld, I wanted Kate Beckinsale as my female lead. (It would also provide Lonely Author the opportunity to meet one of his favorite actresses. Oh, God, she is so hot. Hey a chimp can dream can’t he?)

So, I ask you.

What actor /actress would play YOU in the movie about your life?


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