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Os Dias Sao Curtos by swo8 Blues Jazz from the Christmas album in iTunes

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Ola amigos, tudo bem com voces? November 29th, 2015 marks the beginning of Advent. Christmas tress, decorations and all sorts of related items are in the stores already. They’ve been there for quite sometime. This song, Os Dias Sao Curtos by swo8 Blues Jazz (the days are short)  is light spirited inspite of all the heavy stuff that is going on in the world. It is in Portuguese, English captions are embedded. When the weather turns cold, Brazil is where I want to be. The video is 3:01 min.

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Crack in Power Plant Armor leads to Gaping Hole in Logic

Power Plant Men

Sometimes when something is written on paper, it becomes carved in stone (I should copyright that phrase — oh.  as soon as I click “Publish” I will).  I saw a flaw in Power Plant logic one day in November 1994.  Corporate Headquarters for the Electric Company in Oklahoma had decided that they needed very clear job descriptions for their Job Announcement program.  We had just completed a downsizing a few months earlier and two electricians were asked to determine what prerequisites someone would need to be able to do their jobs.  My first thought was… “Is that really a smart way to go about this?”  Just think about it….  You are asking someone who just survived a downsizing to determine what it would take to replace that person with someone else…. Can you see the flaw in this logic?

It was decided that in order to be hired as an…

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Get well soon and comeback healthy and may all your pain be as nothing compared to the love you share by just being you. I send my angel 😇 To guide your swift recovery may God be with you now and forevermore ❤️